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Simple or complex. Single shade or layering technique, anterior or posterior. Whatever your technique or indication, Evanesce Universal Restorative is designed for truly natural, life-like esthetics.

"Evanesce has the best VITA shade match that I have ever used in my practice.

Dr. William 'Bo' Bruce

"A composite whose optical "chameleon" properties allow it to blend seamlessly with the tooth. Evanesce makes all anterior composite restorations easier to match existing tooth colour.

Dr. Robert Lowe

"Evanesce is a universal composite material system with no slump handling, outstanding polishability and VITA shade match, as well as three opacities that allow you to do it all. Whether you are creating a high-end aesthetic restoration or placing a wear-resistant posterior restoration, you now have one system to handle either job with Evanesce. Simplify.

Dr. Michael Miyasaki

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