Which One is Right for You?

We have a matrix system for every type of restoration. From Anterior to Posterior restorations, we represent leading brands that offer innovative matrix products and solutions.

When you book your appointment, you will:

Review Class II clinical challenges

Learn about our posterior and anterior solutions

See a hands-on demonstration of any of our matrix systems

Enjoy exclusive matrix system promotions

Pick and choose your favourite

Which matrix system is right for you?

Book an appointment to see them all.

  • DualForce™ Sectional Matrix System
  • Convexi-T™ Convex Tofflemire Matrix Bands
  • Black Triangle Matrix System
  • Complete HD Anterior Matrix System
  • Evolve Sectional Matrix System
  • Biofit HD Sectional Matrix System
  • Halo™ Sectional Matrix System
  • Omni-Matrix™ Disposable Retainer and Matrix System

  • V3 Sectional Matrix System
  • Strata-G™ Sectional Matrix System
  • Composi-Tight Sectional Matrix System
  • ReelMatrix™ Deep Margin Elevation System
  • Slickbands™ Tofflemire Matrix Bands
We're proud to represent Dentistry's most trusted brands.

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